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Hello and welcome to our website. We are pleased to have you join us. We are here to help you and educate you on products and services. We offer a large variety of Products. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

No question is stupid LOL!

First let me start with the Legal (Mumbo Jumbo) LOL, You must be 18 yrs of age or at a Legal Smoking age for your current state of occupancy to use this website!

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Lex – CEO and Founder

I built a Family Business from the ground up. I have always enjoyed helping people. I have strived to find products and services that would allow me to help people and have some satisfaction doing it. Seeing my clients quit smoking and watching them get healthy again is a joy. I have made so many people happy and that makes me proud of what I do. I can say that because I am getting some amazing feedback from people who used my products who claim they saved alot of money on cigarettes and feel healthier.

Many people have claimed that they quit smoking cigarettes and they sent their friends and family to me. I have established relationships and made friends due to the success of these products. All I can say is that I have found these great products and its been a very positive experience. My family has jumped in and started helping me with the business and its been a good thing for all involved!


 Back in 1960’s, in America, smoking was virtually a national sport. There was no stigma attached to the hobby. Instead, it was one of the only things that most of society had in common. With many reports surfacing about the danger that cigarettes posed, many potential smokers shied away from it for fear of the health consequences. Right now, the market is prime for a product to come along and bring over smokers and those potential smokers to electronic cigarettes . Electronic cigarettes are doing just that. With e-cigs, one doesn’t have to worry about the harmful carcinogenic chemicals or the 4000+ poisonous substances found in normal cigarettes. Because electronic cigarettes function with vapor rather than smoke, they can be used virtually anywhere leaving no traces of smell or ash. The smoke odor that lingers on your clothes and breath is non-existent thanks to the new technology used in electronic cigarettes.


Electronic Cigarettes are not for everyone. It is your choice to explore and educate yourself on products and services. We strive to find the best products on the market and keep updating our products constantly. We look for Products that last and stand up to everyday life. When you become a steady client / customer we will keep the products you like in inventory and introduce you to new products as they become available.

While our goal is to sell products, we strive to help you QUIT SMOKING real cigarettes. There are too many smokers out there. We know that if our products help you to QUIT then you will tell your friends and family.

A large amount of our client base comes from referrals:

You Quit = Tell Friends and Family = more Viral Customers

We help you = We help more of your Friends and family

Your success is what makes our business viral and spreads the word. So come on by and see what we have to offer and how we can help you!

The bottom line is thisIf the products do not work, then we fail.

We must be doing something right because Clients are referring us!

We are confident in what we offer. We took the time to educate ourselves so we can educate you. Our products are time tested by many people who used them and reported results to us and our suppliers.

We are building relationships and helping people get healthy again. The people who we have served are like family. While we cannot make everyone happy, we have pleased 98% of our clients.

COST – Our clients have reported big savings. The intial cost for a product kit is the biggest expense and still less than a few cartons of real cigarettes. Minor maintnenance cost and monthly use of accessories are way less in cost than the normal cigarette smoker!



One of Our main Retail Locations is at Electron Cig 7200 Ridge Rd Port Richey, FL 34668  and at The USA Flea Market Booth #19 @ 11721 US Highway 19,  Port Richey, FL 34668

We are open at the USA One Flea Market Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9AM to 4PM.

We are open at the Electron Cig Store Monday – Saturday from 9AM to 5PM.


We are a distributor of Electronic Cigarettes, accessories and Other Products and Services. Our online store(s) is located at: nuwaydistribution.com , Electroncig.com  and Cigastix.com 

HEALTH ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES No Smoke, No Ash Trays, No Tar, No Cancerous Substances, No Cigarette Butts, No Horrible Smells, No Air Pollution, No Tobacco.

The Electronic Cigarette is an alternative that looks, tastes and smokes like a cigarette with no tar and cancerous substances. It is equipped with a replaceable cigarette cartridge filter. Electronic cigarettes are harmless for people around you. No harmful passive smoking. It works on a rechargeable battery that looks like a cigarette.

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